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The CITES Review of Significant Trade procedure (defined in Resolution Conf. 12.8 (Rev. CoP13)) was designed to identify species that may be subject to unsustainable levels of international trade, and to identify problems and solutions concerning effective implementation of the Convention. This system tracks the progress of species for the range States that have been selected for review, through the 22 stages of the Significant Trade Review Procedure. Species/country combinations currently subject to review are included, as well as those that have been eliminated from review, following satisfactory reports from the range State.

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The CITES Significant Trade Database is updated frequently, but may not be completely up-to-date at any given moment or necessarily error free. This database is intended to be an initial reference source only, and users must verify any information obtained from it with Parties or the CITES Secretariat. The CITES Secretariat is not liable for any damages, in whole or in part, caused by or arising in any way from use of the CITES Significant Trade Database.